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St Marys Junior School
Staat: Uganda

St Marys Junior school was founded in 2013 after realizing that the schools in the area were either very expensive or didn't provide quality education. the founders thus decided to put in place a school that is affordable to children from low income families. Currently we are having close to 200 students, staff of 11 teachers all of them qualified. our school is located 16km from the City centre (kampala) with affordable means of transport. Currently we don't have any partner school, and we feel getting connected to schools in Germany will be a great advantage to our students in that they will be exposed to the German language.

Schultyp: Primarschule
Alter der Schüler von: 4 bis: 14
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Kunst, Musik, Sozialwissenschaft, Sport, Disability
Unterrichtete Sprachen:  English
Wünsche hinsichtlich Partnerschule: This partnership can commence any time we get a school to link up with. We love exchange programmes (Internships, volunteers, joint projects etc)
Suchstatus: Ich suche eine Partnerschule
Angemeldete Schulen: 805