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Union High School
Staat: USA/Vereinigte Staaten
Stadt: La Porte City, Iowa

Union is a high school(grades 9-12) for two small towns "United in Excellence". We are located in rural Iowa between two large cities . Around 400 students benefit from not only full academic offerings, but also extra-curricular offerings as varied as Robotics Club, sports, music, agricultural education, speech competition, drama productions, and Art Club.Since 1997-98 we have had a partnership with a German school and yearly visits between the schools. Due to staff changes in Germany, we need a new partner. We are on schedule to have 15-20 students travel to Germany in June of 2016 and would like to find a new partner.

Schultyp: Andere
Alter der Schüler von: 14 bis: 18
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  alle
Unterrichtete Sprachen:  English, German and Spanish
Vorschläge für Projekte: 
Wünsche hinsichtlich Partnerschule: 
Suchstatus: Ich suche noch weitere Partnerschulen
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