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Country: Nepal

Our school is a secondary level school. Currently about 500 students are there from age 4 to 16. The school was established in the year 1998. School has classes from Grade Nursery (age 3.5) to Grade 10(age 16). There are 29 Teaching and non teaching staff working. This is a English medium school. The school is in the perfect location of Pokhara Valley IN Nepal called lakeside. lakeside is famous for its views and the fewa lake. The shadow of Machhapuchhre Mountain in the Fewa lake is a very precious view. Green Scenario, clean area increase the beauty of school which increase the good educational environment for the students. we have a very dedicated and frankly teachers.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 3 to 17
Main project topics:  Arts, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Sports, Vocational Trainings, Digital learning system
Languages taught:  English, Nepali
Suggestions for projects:  Eco Project, Recycling project, renovation project and sharing and adapting global teaching methodology are the major projects. most importantly the cultural exchange between students teachers and locals are also the suggestions for the projects. the live styles and traditions exchage, games and events conducted here and there.
Requests concerning your future partner school:  I would like request the school interested in partnership with the school, in a mountainious country like Nepal, to take us as a partner to exchange culture, teaching methodology, different project at school beneficial for students in their co-curricular activities. supporting the school in different way like sharing technology, building a good educational system, organizing teachers training, seminars etc. we can manage the visitors from partner school with their lodging fooding during stay in the school during program. hope you will give us chance to serve.
Search status: I am looking for a new partnership
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