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Toki Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School
Country: Turkey
Town: Bursa

We are a school with above 800 students and 30 staff.It is located in the north- western side of Turkey. We have immigrant students, students from th nearby villages and some students with special needs as well as the students live around the school.

Type of the school: Primary School
Age of the students from: 6 to 15
Main project topics:  Social Sciences, History
Languages taught:  English
Suggestions for projects:  we are planning to focus on the histories of the partner countries. A detailed calendar is ready on the actions within the project process. The project is planned to consist the historical sights of the countries, art (including music, painting and architecture), daily lifestyles in the past, type of clothing etc. We plan to create small museums in schools including the partner school's culture(it will be filled with the items sent by the partner school). Also as the biggest and the most intense side of the project; we intend to organize "week"s of the countries in the partner country( Spanish week in Turkey consisting presentations and shows of the students coming from the partner country). The details are being arranged this week by our colleagues and we are having a prparatory visit on 14-18th Janury in Turkey. We are now Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland and Turkey and are in touch with two more schools.We hope to get our students learn about their own culture and history by learning about the partners'. We aim to create awareness in our students about their past.
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