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Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium
Staat: Deutschland
Stadt: Meine

The Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium is located in a small town in the greater region of Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Celle, Hanover. Berlin is about 230 km away. Our grammar school is attended by around 780 students in the age of 12-18 and taught by 80 teachers.The grammar school is an all-day school and is characterized by the fact that, in addition to regular classes, various events are offered and initiated by the school community, e.g. student exchanges, reading and cultural evenings, participation in sporting events, school prayers...The grammar school in Protestant sponsorship is certified as a "school without racism", "international sustainability school" and "sports-friendly school".As part of our school profile, we aim to partner with an Israeli school.

Schultyp: Sekundarschule (Stufe 2)
Alter der Schüler von: 12 bis: 18
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Geschichte, Kunst, Politik, Sozialwissenschaft, Sport, Theater
Unterrichtete Sprachen:  Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Latein
Wünsche hinsichtlich Partnerschule: The partnership should include mutual visits by year students to learn about each other and each other's Culture. The main goals of a partnership would be:- Getting to know the country and culture of Israel- Insights is the "Jewish" life in Israel- getting to know each other in the background of globalization- Strengthening of democracy for the next generations- Aftermath and consequences of the Shoah for Germans and IsraelisIf possible, the student exchange should take place annually.On the one hand, the students should get to know real life in the partner family, on the other hand, it would also be desirable to spend part of the time together with excursions and with one or two daily projects of your together choice. The common language of exchange should be English.
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