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Staat: Deutschland
Stadt: Düsseldorf

The Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium is a grammar school, located just south of the city centre of Dusseldorf, the regional capital of North-Rhine-Westphalia. Dusseldorf is a culturally-rich city in the west of Germany with lots of opportunities and a wide range of free time activities.We are a culturally diverse co-educational grammar school with about 1000 students aged 10-19 (year 5-13). We welcome students from all faiths, social backgrounds and pride ourselves in our strong sense of community and solidarity. True to our name and the legacy of Sophie and Hans Scholl – German resistance fighters during WW II – we are dedicated to creating a tolerant and respectful environment for all members of the school community. Our commitment is evident in the open-minded, friendly and cooperative atmosphere amongst our students and staff. We pride ourselves in providing equal opportunities for each student to reach their full potential. Our general curriculum includes English classes starting in year 5 and Spanish classes starting in year 9. Our curriculum is further enriched by a strong focus on musical education with a thriving orchestra and several talented choirs. Apart from our curricular focus on the academic success of our students we also put a high emphasis on sustainability.We are looking for a new long-term student exchange with a Spanish-speaking or English-speaking highschool.

Schultyp: Sekundarschule (Stufen 1 + 2)
Alter der Schüler von: 10 bis: 18
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Sport, Theater, Kunst, Musik, Naturwissenschaft, Sozialwissenschaft, Politik, Geschichte
Unterrichtete Sprachen:  English, French, Latin, Spanish
Wünsche hinsichtlich Partnerschule: We are interested in building up a long term student exchange with an English- or Spanish-speaking high school.
Suchstatus: Ich suche eine Partnerschule
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