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Cuno-Berufskolleg II
Staat: Deutschland
Stadt: Hagen

The Cuno-Berufskolleg II in Hagen is an industrial-technical vocational college with the occupational fields of construction technology, geoinformation technology, design technology, wood technology, automotive technology, media technology, supply technology and dental technology. With dual training courses and various full-time training courses, it offers the opportunity to obtain vocational and general education qualifications/degrees and opens up a wide range of career prospects for all pupils according to their individual school and personal requirements, interests and goals. Regardless of whether the lower secondary school leaving certificate is to be made, a dual training course is completed or the Abitur is sought, there is the right offer for almost all cases. The full-time training courses at the Cuno-Berufskolleg II optimally prepare for an engineering degree or a technical training or for a study or training in the field of media and design technology, for example. In vocational training, the Cuno-Berufskolleg II is a dual partner for job profiles in the technical and design field.

Schultyp: Andere
Alter der Schüler von: 17 bis: 22
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