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Seeger Memorial Jr./Sr. High School
Staat: USA/Vereinigte Staaten
Stadt: West Lebanon, Indiana

The Seeger Patriots are from a very supportive school and community. We have around 800 students. With our smaller school size, everyone is able to know everyone. We are a rural, agriculture community. We are close enough for day trips to Purdue University, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Amish country. I truly feel we would be a great host partner and have a lot to offer. Our county has the tallest waterfall in the state of Indiana. We also have some wonderful hiking and natural beauty around us. The leaves in Fall are beautiful!

Schultyp: Sekundarschule (Stufen 1 + 2)
Alter der Schüler von: 14 bis: 18
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Geschichte, Kunst, Musik, Naturwissenschaft, Politik, Sozialwissenschaft, Sport, Agriculture
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