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Elmostakbal Experimental Integrated Language School
Staat: Ägypten
Stadt: Cairo

L Mostakbal Integrated Experimental Language School is situated in Nasr City , yousseif Abbas Street behind Nasr City cinema and theatre the school was inaugurated on the first of October 2000 in fulfillment to the country's policy in spreading distinct education in Egypt to create new generation able to shoulder responsibilities which will be achieved by the arousal of educational process and applying the latest learning procedures and technological development within schools hence , our school has been provided with new labs highly- equipped in all artistic and scientific fields to develop the student's mentality and to cope with technological and scientific development as well as to identify and develop talents skillsrnFurther more ,there's a unique and well-trained group of teachers and management system in the school working with the spirit of a family

Schultyp: Sekundarschule (Stufen 1 + 2)
Alter der Schüler von: 5 bis: 18
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Geschichte, Politik, Sozialwissenschaft, Naturwissenschaft, Musik, Kunst, Theater, Sport, -
Unterrichtete Sprachen:  Arabic Language - English
Vorschläge für Projekte:  Dear teacher : Our Activities 1*recycling - reuse remnants of the home and school 2* Shadow Theatre: the work of the bride with the skin and then the work of the theater of white cloth and use the display lighting3* The theatrical representation of the preparation of students - to spread the ideas of environmental protection and to disseminate positive behavior in a number of situations in life4*School of Ceramics Laboratory high potentials contains an electric oven and wheel circuit for the manufacture of ceramic pots - and school activities in the field of ceramics and sculpture5*Day in the life of a student - a project to teach languages to kindergarten - host a cartoon character - a role - to spend the whole day with each child and reflects on his life with a role - using languageDrawing on the walls and on the ground in the Earth Day Festival*6Representation of a play about English literature*78*the Rivers of the World aims activity for the work of cultural exchange between the two schools on the river found they have around the cities along the sides and cultures of the peoples No Reserve by energy sources , dams and famous landmarks and the most important crops and other aspects of life around the rivers of . Research work and fees and maps Polyphonic. And a field visit to the Nile scale ManialResult of the project is a model of the Nile River using wood and Aswan mud - shows cities around the river and emphasizes different in terms of geography and culture of the people and their habits and the most important industries and most important crops.Using songs in education*9YFU-YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING*10If you agree to a partnership between the school and your schoolPlease choose one of the activitiesOr suggest your activity from your planThank you
Wünsche hinsichtlich Partnerschule:  International School Award - is 7 projects - starting from 1/11/2013- to 30/5/2014 and you can choose the appropriate date to you to implement activity do you wantThe students also choose the age of implementing the activity - and the dates of the exchange of results and images -
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