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Heimschule St. Landolin (Gymnasium)
Country: Germany
Town: Ettenheim

Heimschule St. Landolin is located in Ettenheim in the southwestern corner of Germany. It is a small baroque town of roughly 10,000 inhabitants. The French border is a 15-minute drive and Switzerland can be reached within an hour. The closest bigger city is beautiful Freiburg. I do not exaggerate when I say that we live in one of Germany’s most attractive tourist regions, with the Black Forest and the cities of Heidelberg and Stuttgart within easy reach.Our school is a Catholic Private School with about 1,800 students grades 5 through 12. If you are interested in getting a first (German) impression, you can check out our webpage www.hsl.schule, our Instagram Account hsl_ettenheim or follow the direct link to a report about our past exchange to Newton at www.hsl.schule/usa.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 11 to 17
Main project topics:  Arts, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Sports, Theatre
Languages taught: 
Requests concerning your future partner school: For twelve years we have had a very successful student (GAPP) exchange with Newton High School, NJ. Unfortunately, the German Department of our partnering school has been closed and the responsible teachers retired. That is why we are searching for a new cooperation. We would like the exchange to take place every other year, taking 20 students grades 10 and 11 (age 15-16) each time. We would be looking for new partners starting in the academic year of 2022/23 or later. In the past years we’ve always visited our partnering school for three weeks in fall. In return, the American students visited after the end of their school year in June. Our school year does not terminate until the end of July, so they were able to join their exchange partners in the regular school lessons. However, this is totally up for negotiation if another time would be more suitable. Included in their three-week stay at host families there was also a travel week, most of the times to Berlin, but sometimes also to Hamburg or Munich. Should you be more interested in experiencing Europe that could also be arranged. Just let me know about your ideas! (Mirjam.Gronbach@hsl.schule)
Search status: I am looking for a new partnership
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