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Number of found schools: 2754
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 19
Our school is characterised by a diverse body of students both culturally and performance-wise. We are the only school in Hamburg that is part of the elite school of sports group which concentrates on supporting prospective athletes in achieving success in their disciplines. These students receive additional training by professional coaches and we are proud to see that some of our current and past students can call themselves European champions in their field. Overall we pursue a very modern teaching approach which expresses itself in generally very activity-orientated classes as well as in interdisciplinary projects. As students grow up in a global village nowadays we would like to add the experience of a cultural exchange to their curriculum. Last but not least we would like to give you... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 14 to 19
We are a small private school with less than 100 students and about 15 teachers, founded in 2012. Our main focus is on developing a self-determined personality and emotional as well as social competences. Our learning is based on Maria Montessori's and Celestin Freinet's philosophies of education. Our secondary school (Gymnasium) has so far about 40 students (years 5-11). We consider individual mentoring, committed teachers, cooperative parents and a wide range of possible programs and projects as our particular qualities. Bad Kissingen is a spa town located in the heart of Germany, about 100km from Frankfurt near the Rhoen Natural Reserve with all kinds of recreational offers, from canoing and skiing to cultural festivals and a health resort with mineral springs. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 18
We are a secondary school in Lower Saxony, about one hour from Hamburg, with approx. 1000 students aged 10-18. We teach English as first foreign language and French and Spanish are offered from year 6 as second foreign language. In our work we focus on self-reliant work of our students, tolerance and good preparation for our students work life to come. Our school holds the titles "School of sports" and "environmental school". We already carry out one exchange with France. Wir sind eine Kooperative Gesamtschule mit etwa 1000 Schülerinnen und Schülern im Kreis Stade, etwa eine Stunde von Hamburg und der Nordsee entfernt. Wir bieten den Schulabschluss nach der 10.Klasse sowie das Abitur an. Wir legen großen Wert darauf, unseren Schülerinnen und Schüler Selbstständigkeit,... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Lower)Age of the students from: 11 to 17
Our “Profilschule - Ascheberg” is a school with around 550 pupils from 5th to 10th class and 65 teachers. We are founded in 2011 so we have a youngish school history but with a own modern school-concept. We have special learning-areas with own concepts and the pupils are able to structure their learning matter on their own so they can learn on their own or do collective learning. Furthermore all classrooms are equipped with modern techniques to allow for perfect conditions. Also we do a lot of projects and social training in all classes . Main focuses at our school are languages (English, French, Spanish), sports and natural sciences. Ascheberg is a nice small town in “Nordrhein-Westfalen” between the historical old town of Münster and the metroplolis of Culture “Ruhrgebiet” where you... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 12 to 17
We are a secondary school with about 1400 students and roughly 130 teachers. All of our students learn English as their first foreign language. Dachau is a small town of 45000 inhabitants situated some 20 kilometers north of Munich City centre. Munich Airport is easily accessible by public transport. Dachau has a lot to offer: first and foremost the Concentration Camp Memorial but also Dachau Castle and Park. Munich is nearby (25 min.) so there is a lot to see and do in the close surrounding. We would love to have you here! Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: OtherAge of the students from: 10 to 19
Unser Profil Zusammen Leben gestaltenWir leben DemokratieEuropa, Euregio, MitbestimmungWir gestalten unsere (Um)WeltJoseph Beuys, Schule-Kunst-Museum,Forschen und EntdeckenWir leben gemeinsamRespekt, Gemeinschaft, NachhaltigkeitAus diesen Säulen unseres Profils ergeben sich unsere Profilklassen, in denen Schwerpunkte nachindividuellen Interessen und Neigungen vertieftwerden können:• Europa-Klasse• Kreartiv-Klasse• Nelson Mandela-Klassen Klasse 6 wählen die Schülerinnen und Schüler mit dem Wahlpflichtfach das4. Hauptfach und setzen den ersten Schwerpunkt auf ihrem persönlichen Bildungsweg. Im Jahrgang 6 beginnt zunächst das Fremdsprachenangebot. Schülerinnen und Schüler mit Freude an Fremdsprachen können das Fach Niederländischbelegen.Im Jahrgang 7 entscheiden sich die Schülerinnen und... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 12 to 19
The Emanuel-Lasker-School is a small School, located in the heart of Berlin - Friedrichshain. Back in the days the Berlin Wall was only an inch away. Not only because of this hitsorical backround we would be deeply interested in forming international parnterships, especially for exchanges between students. On one side we want to offer our students better opportunities to use and practice their english. On the other side we do hope to get a partnership which offers our students the chance to get a look into other cultures, food and daily live in other parts of the European Union. At our school about 500 students and 60 teachers are meeting up regularly - except during "corona-times".We are a quite young and energetic group of teachers and we recently did build up the classes 11,12 and 13... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 20
We are a grammar school located in Schöningen in the middle of Germany with around 850 students between 10 and 20 years of age and 65 teachers. Students at our school start at fifth grade and go up to grade thirteen, at which point they usually get their A-level-exams or find trainee programs with private companies or continue studying at universities in Germany and Europe. We have experiences with student exchange programs for about 20 years. Our current partner schools are in France, Spain, Poland and Finland. We also offer intercultural study trips for our students to England each year. For further information email Mr. Wagener at wagener@anna-sophianeum.net or Mrs. Harre at harre@anna-sophianeum.net. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 19
Die Schule Marienau ist ein staatlich anerkanntes Gymnasium mit Internat in freier Trägerschaft und besteht seit 1923. Zurzeit wird die Schule von etwas über 200 Schülern besucht, von denen ca. 100 Mädchen und Jungen im Internat leben. Marienau befindet sich etwa eine Autostunde südlich von Hamburg im Landkreis Lüneburg im Norden von Deutschland.Das Leben und Lernen in der Marienauer Gemeinschaft wird getragen von der aktiven Mitbestimmung und Mitgestaltung aller. Es entspricht unserer Tradition, dass die Schüler Autonomie erlangen, Verantwortung übernehmen und Toleranz üben. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass erfolgreiche Erziehung nur bei wertschätzendem Miteinander gelingt. Wir arbeiten in kleinen Lerngruppen und nutzen pädagogische Freiräume um wirkungsvollen Unterricht zu erzielen. Wir... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 18
Die Gesamtschule Würselen befindet sich in Nordrhein-Westfalen, nahe am Dreiländereck (Deutschland, Niederlande, Belgien). Die Städte Aachen, Köln und Düsseldorf sind gut zu erreichen. Auch das Naturerholungsgebiet Eifel ist nicht weit entfernt.Die Schule wurde im Jahr 2015 gegründet und befindet sich noch im Aufbau. Ab Sommer 2020 wird es erstmals eine 10. Klasse an der Schule geben. Die Oberstufe wird daraufhin folgen. Im Sommer 2019 konnte das neue Schulgebäude der Gesamtschule bezogen werden. Hier haben die Schüler*innen und Lehrer*innen die Möglichkeit mit neuen digitalen Medien zu lernen und zu arbeiten. Momentan sind an unserer Schule 52 Lehrerinnen und Lehrer und in etwa 600 Schülerinnen und Schüler. Bisher gibt es einen jährlichen Austausch mit dem in Frankreich gelegenen... Mehr Information
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