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MADA International College
Country: Cameroon
Town: Yaoundé

MADA International College is a bilingual school in Cameroon that encompasses both the cameroonian national and the international Cambridge educative systems. Our aim is to build leaders out of our students. This includes cultural and intellectual capacities to deal with the new world of Globalization and Human rights; which is why we encourage them to learn as many languages as possible. Through languages they also get to know new cultures and ways. It is according to this that German is promoted within our curricula. We thus wish to ease the process of learning it for future professional or academical use through valuable partnerships with other schools.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 10 to 18
Main project topics:  Arts, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Sports, Theatre, Sprachen
Languages taught:  English, German, French, Chinese
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