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Country: Germany
Town: Heimsheim

We are a so called "Verbundschule", which means that there is a primary school and a secondary school in one huge buildung. We are situated near near Stuttgart in the South of Germany.Our secondary school is looking for a partner school to start a pen friendship for an 8th grade (or for other grades as well) and maybe later for a student exchange program.We have about 750 students aged 6-16. They are all taught English as a second language from year 5 on up to their final exams. We'd love o read from you...

Type of the school: Secondary School (Lower)
Age of the students from: 10 to 16
Main project topics:  Arts, Social Sciences, Englisch
Languages taught:  E, F
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Requests concerning your future partner school: 
Search status: I am looking for another partnership
Declared Schools:4952Last Update: 25.09.2020