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Andreas Riis International School Kordiabe
Country: Ghana
Town: Kordiabe

Our school exists since 2012. We are located in Greater Accra Region. Our village is called Kordiabe, around 700 people are living here. We have nearly no employment, the ground is not good to plant and there is no other work to do. This is why we reduced the school fees. We have uniforms, but he children can also come in their clothes if they can't buy the uniforms. To feed the children in school some of the women prepare the food to sell for a very low price. Our school has no school building. We teach in a church, wich we started to build, but never got ready. That means all the small are in one big hall, the eldest are down, where it is dark.Some of our teachers had studied, some or members of the church. They only get small income.

Type of the school: Primary School
Age of the students from: 3 to 15
Main project topics:  Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Sports, Maths, English
Languages taught:  Englisch
Suggestions for projects: 
Requests concerning your future partner school:  We are looking for partnership cause we want to be able to develop to have quality education and maybe a building once. We are also interested in teaching german language and ICT.
Search status: I am looking for another partnership
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