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Gesamtschule Jüchen
Country: Germany
Town: Juechen

The comprehensive school Jüchen was founded in 2016 and is home to 760 pupils and 62 teachers. The school has already reached the 12th grade of 13. "All children are welcome - we are a school for all" Individual learning concepts have been developed for the pupils, which encourage them to create their own specific potential. In addition to imparting knowledge, the school has priority in teaching pupils social values and norms, to take responsibility for their own actions and to promote prejudice free thinking.Juechen is located between the cities Dusseldorf, Cologne and Aachen.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 10 to 18
Main project topics:  Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Sports, Theatre
Languages taught:  French, English, Spanish
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