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Gemeinschaftsschule Rainbrunnen
Country: Germany
Town: Schorndorf

Gemeinschaftsschule Rainbrunnen is a secondary school for grade 5 to 10. The school is located in the south of Germany close to Stuttgart. We have about 300 students and 40 teachers. For us it is very important that students learn how to work together and how to support each other. We want to establish an atmosphere of tolerance where everybody is appreciated with their strengths and needs. That's why inclusive education is also a big topic at our school. The classrooms are equipped with a high standard of modern technology, such as whiteboards, beamers etc. as well as high-functional modern classroom furniture. Students learn English from grade 5 on, French is taught in grade 6 and after that the students can choose if they want to learn French until graduation or not. We think learning a language is easier and more motivating when you can use the language in an authentic situation, so we would like to establish a partnership with a school that would like to do student and teacher exchanges.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Lower)
Age of the students from: 11 to 16
Main project topics:  Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, Language
Languages taught: 
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Search status: I am looking for another partnership
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