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Paradanusorn School Uttaradit
Country: Thailand
Town: Uttaradit

We are a local school in Uttaradit/Thailand, which is in North Thailand, approx. 500 km away from Bangkok and 200 km away from Chiang Mai. We are teaching mainly kids from poor or low income families. Currently, we have 500 kids at our school starting from the age of 3 (Kindergarten) to 15 (Secondary School). The kids would love to meet kids from other cultures, especially from Europe. We do not have many tourists in our city, but would love to meet foreigners. People from Uttaradit are so kind and friendly. We have approx. 40 Teachers and 20 staff members. Your contact person, speaks fluent German and English and would show you the beauty of the school and Uttaradit.It would be a pleasure to meet you here at our school but please bear in mind that we do not have the same luxury facilities like a German School has e.g. we do not have windows and some classroom do not have a ceiling. This would a once in a lifetime experience for you.We have a homepage www.parada.ac.th and a Facebook page called Paradanusorn School in English and Thai

Type of the school: Secondary School (Lower)
Age of the students from: 3 to 15
Main project topics:  Cultural Exchange and English
Languages taught:  English, Thai and Chinese
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Search status: I am looking for a new partnership
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