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Evangelisches Gymnasium Nordhorn
Country: Germany
Town: Nordhorn

The Evangelisches Gymnasium NORDHORN/Germany is a high school run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. We are located in NORDHORN, Lower Saxony, near to the border to the Netherlands. Nordhorn is located about 5 hours from Berlin and 2 hours from Amsterdam. The Evangelical High School is focused on languages and liberal arts, on social sciences like religion and history and on natural sciences in order to prepare students for their college education. The school was founded in 2008 and their are approximately 700 students in the middle and upper schools. We have a very active Languages and Social Science Department (religious education, history, politics) as well as a well developed education in computer science and natural sciences (STEM). We are looking for a partner School for an exchange in order to improve mutual understanding.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 12 to 18
Main project topics:  Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Sports
Languages taught:  Englisch, Französisch, Latein, Niederländisch, Spanisch
Suggestions for projects:  Beispielprojekt: "Isralische und deutsche Schüler und ihre Lebensweise: Kulturen und Geschichte(n) kennen lernen"For example:"Israelian and German students and their life in different cultures and histories"
Requests concerning your future partner school:  regelmäßiger Schülergruppenaustausch, gemeinsame Projekte, frequent exchange, common projects
Search status: I am looking for another partnership
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