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Cascia Hall School
Country: United States of America
Town: Tulsa

Our school is a Catholic college preparatory school run by the Augustinian Order. We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the "heartland" of the United States. Tulsa is in northeastern Oklahoma in an area known as "Green Country". Tulsa is located about 4 hours from Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We are located only about 2 hours away from the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Cascia Hall is a traditional, liberal arts school focused on preparing students for their college education. The school was founded in 1926 by the Augustinian Order and there are approximately 575 students in the middle and upper schools. We have a very active World Languages Department. We had a long term exchange program with a great school in Berlin. We had this lively exchange for 23 years and now we are looking for a new partner School for exchanges through GAPP.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 14 to 18
Main project topics:  College Preparatory School
Languages taught:  Latein, Deutsch, Spanisch, Französisch, Chinesisch
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Search status: I am looking for another partnership
Declared Schools: 3821 Last Update: 19.11.2017