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Berufskolleg für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung Brilon
Country: Germany
Town: Brilon

We are a vocational college fosed on business and administration located in Brilon, a rural area called Sauerland (near Dortmund). We are attended by roughly 750 students. Our school offers several degrees, ranging from the vocational diploma to the general A levels. Furthermore we offer degrees for industrial management assistants, retail management assistants, bank management assistants, medical assistants and office management assistants and we work together with the industry in our area. Our students learn Englisch and, as an option, Spanish. One advantage of our school is the technological equipment, so that a digital exchange would be possible. The Sauerland is famous for winter sports, its nature, aquatic sports, hiking and climbing. We look either for a secondary school or a vocational college, a specialization on business and admistration is not obligatory.We look forward to receiving positive feedback and to visit you for a first, personal encounter.

Type of the school: Other
Age of the students from: 16 to 20
Main project topics:  Business and Administration
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