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Campus Efeuweg
Country: Germany
Town: Berlin

Since this year our school is participating in the foundation of a new campus combining a primary, a secondary school and a college. Our secondary school has become an all-day school offering our students a lot of different workshops during the day between their lessons. We have a focus on modern pedagogics enforcing individuality during the learning process. We are also experts for teaching topics interdisciplinary in projects. We have also a special profile that prepares students for the world of work. We have a lot of sporty students but we also have a nice literature club.We are 500 students and 50 teachers in our secondary school. Our students are open-minded, friendly, well-educated and their language abilities are enough for communication purpose (B2). Many of them have their roots in other countries so they are able to speak a lot of different languages already. We also offer French and Spanish in school and have already participated successfully in exchange programmes with Polish and French Schools. Our school is in the middle of Berlin in a district called Neukölln - a former immigrant district that has become popular for students and artists in the recent years.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Lower)
Age of the students from: 12 to 16
Main project topics:  Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Sports, Theatre
Languages taught:  English, German, Spanish, French
Suggestions for projects:  We would love to participate in any exchange (program) with schools abroad.We could also imagine participating with you in the Erasmus program, financed by the European Union organizing different projects together for a longer period of time. We would offer to write the application if you agree. Our students would love to find out about teenage and school life in other countries while practising their language abilities. Furthermore they hope to be able to get insights of cultural and historical matters. They would be pleased if they could find pen pals or if they would be able to meet students from other countries here or abroad. Our students could show your students German school or teenage life or the capital of Germany, Berlin.We would be happy about any ways of co-operation looking forward to your response.We could offer plenty of ideas with regard to history, sports and theatre projects.
Requests concerning your future partner school:  We want to hand in an Erasmusprogramm application in February needing a partner school!
Search status: I am looking for another partnership
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