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Irma Pfeiffer Bweya High School-Kajjansi Uganda
Country: Uganda
Town: Kampala

Brief description of Irma Pfeiffer Bweya High SchoolrnIrma Pfeiffer Bweya High school is found in Uganda ,along Kampala-Entebbe High Way ,14 km south of the Kampala capital City. .It is one Km from the main Road. Branch off from Kitende Trading center. rnIt was founded in 2001 by Bweya Voluntary Educationists and teachers who felt pity for the disadvantaged and orphaned children and those from poor homes.rnThe construction of the school was aided by KOETZ Community and Irma Pfeiffer Foundation in Germany.rnIt is a secondary school built on Christian faith pillars.rnrnMOTTOrn“Education for Development”rnrn MISSION STATEMENT rn “RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION OF UGANDANS BY PURSUING EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMIC AND PRACTICAL SKILLS IN CONDUCT AND MORAL VALUES, SO THAT EACH CHILD BECOMES A WHOLISTICALLY REPONSIBLE AND PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN OF THE NATION”. rnrn OBJECTIVESrn• To provide secondary and/or vocational training, not only to disadvantaged children, but also to children of all walks of life and make them productive citizens.rn• To explore causes that affect youth learning.rn• To inculcate self-discipline in the young generation.rn• To cater and train vulnerable girl children.rn• To offer scholarships to disadvantaged orphaned, but academically sound children, following the principal:” Education is help towards self-help” rnrnrnSCHOOL DISCIPLINE TRAINING STATEMENT rnWith the security of loving and caring, we endeavour to train our students/pupils to become the leaders of tomorrow by providing a learning environment that is Conducive to them for attaining wholistic growth and development. It is an environment in which:rn• The rights and needs of pupils/ students are met and protected rn• Social and moral responsibilities are taught and modelledrn• Children can learn and teachers can teachrn• Children can make choices and take the responsibility to experience the consequences of these choices in order to build moral character.rnrnBASICS IN INSTILLING DISCIPINE AT IRMA PFEFFER BWEYA HIGH SCHOOLrn• We train the hearts of the children and create a moral bank in the heart of the children we care for so that they know how to govern themselves from within rather than from outside.rn• We train the minds of the children by providing formal educationrnWe train the body of the child by promotion of extra curricula activities (sports, music, creative arts, crafts etc.

Type of the school: Secondary School (Both)
Age of the students from: 12 to 19
Main project topics:  Arts, Music, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Sports
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