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Freiherr-vom-Stein Schule
Country: Germany
Town: Gladenbach

Freiherr-vom Stein School offers teaching from pre-school level right through to A-Level standard. In the primary school we have approximately 260 students. English is taught from class 1 for many years. Since 1992 we belong to the so called "Europe schools" in the state of Hesse. In these schools emphasis is placed on intercultural learning and multilingualism. For many years we have participated in Comenius projects. From class 3 onwards correspondences with students from other countries is part of our early foreign langauage learning. The Freiherr-vom-Stein School is in the small country town of Gladenbach, 100 km north of Frankfurt.The medievial university town of Marburg is nearby.

Type of the school: Primary School
Age of the students from: 6 to 10
Main project topics:  Arts, Music, Theatre
Languages taught:  Deutsch, Englisch
Suggestions for projects:  Comenius Project "Through Our Eyes"Children share their views related to Art, Music and Literatureclass - Correspondences
Requests concerning your future partner school:  We are looking for 2 more schools in the north of Europe. So far we are: Germany, Italy, Slowakia and EnglandPreparatory visit in NovemberProject: 2012-2014
Search status: I am not looking for a new partnership
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