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You may view the number of registered schools by moving the cursor across the continents. To search for a potential partner you either click on a continent or fill in the fields "Type of School", "Country"...etc. You will be shown a list of schools according to your request. By double clicking the name of the listed schools, you will get some information about the schools that are registered in "Partnerschulnetz". If you wish to contact one of these schools you will have to register on "Partnerschulnetz.de" first. Only then will you be able to acces futher school related information as well as personal data of the potential partnerschool, enabling you to get in contact.


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Number of found schools: 2779
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 15 to 20
Wir sind ein Oberstufenverbund in dem schönen Landkreis Sankt Wendel, nahe der französischen Grenze. Unsere Schüler (ca. 300) sind zwischen 15 und 20 Jahren und werden von einem offenen und engagiertem Kollegium unterrichtet. Alle unsere Schüler belegen verpflichtend Englisch und Spanisch bzw. Französisch.Wir suchen Partnerschulen für den kulturellen und sprachlichen Austausch. Unsere Ziele sind die regelmäßige Arbeit an Projekten und eine jährliche Begegnung an den Schulstandorten. Wir möchten den Kontakt mit anderen Kulturen fördern und unseren Schülern dadurch Offenheit und Toleranz vermitteln. Wenn sich daraus langjährige internationale Freundschaften entwickeln ist unser Ziel erreicht :) Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 6 to 18
Wir sind ein privates Gymnasium mit Grundschule mit ca. 350 (Gymnasium) und 160 (Grundschule) Schülern im Süden von München, an unserer Schule wird Englisch, Französisch, Latein und Spanisch unterrichtet. Wir suchen Partnerschulen für Brieffreundschaften und gerne auch für einen Schüleraustausch. Our two schools (primary and grammar) are located in the south of Munich, they are privately run with about 350 (grammar) and 160 (primary) students. The languages our students can learn are English, French, Latin and Spanish. We would like to get into contact with schools to find pen friends for our students or establish school's partnerships. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 15 to 18
The school was founded in 1970 and it's mission statement is based on cosmopolitanism and a variety of learning opportunities. Over 800 students attend the school and around 70 teachers are employed at the moment. Therefore, the school is one of the biggest secondary schools in Hamburg. Students can choose from a number of different programs within the school. Since the Gymnasium Heidberg is a "Eliteschule des Fußballs" sports is an integral part of the school's self-conception and students can join specific sports-focused classes (Sportklassen). Furthermore, there are science-focused classes (FUN-Klassen) and theatre-focused classes (Theaterklassen). The school offers four languages: English, French, Spanish and Latin.The Foreign Language Department is very engaged in maintaining... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Upper)Age of the students from: 16 to 18
La « Berufliche Oberschule Wasserburg am Inn » se présente: La ville de Wasserburg est située à 50 kilomètres à l’Est de Munich. C’est une petite ville de 13000 habitants avec un centre historique dans une très belle région bavaroise riche d’histoire et de culture. Nous sommes à 30 kilomètres du Chiemsee (un grand lac), à 50 kilomètres de Salzburg en Autriche et des Alpes. Nous sommes un lycée technique comprenant les sections technique, économie/gestion et sciences sociales avec 480 élèves. Pour nos élèves de seconde âgés de 16 à 18 ans nous aimerions organiser un échange d’une semaine avec un lycée technique ou professionnel français, de préférence pour un stage. Certains élèves ont des connaissances du français mais la majorité parle anglais et n’a pas de connaissances dans une... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Lower)Age of the students from: 11 to 16
Helmut-Schmidt-Schule is a school with round about 600 students aged 10 to 16. Our school is certified as an environmentally friendly school and we provide special offers for intellecutally gifted students. Besides, our school has two school dogs which support our students in learning. We offer a lot of activities for preparing our students for their future careers. Therefore, we offer a huge variety of obligatory as well as voluntary classes for pupils, for example, they can learn about firefighters or participate in a special scientific laboratory. Our school offers a lot of possibilities for the students to show their skills, for example, participating in the annual market in Usingen (Laurentiusmarkt) with self-made honey and apple juice. All our students learn English from grade 5... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Upper)Age of the students from: 16 to 25
Wir sind eine gewerbliche Schule in Süddeutschland im "Schwarzwald".Der Schwarzwald ist eine an Frankreich grenzende Gebirgsregion im Südwesten Deutschlands. Bekannt ist er für seine dichten, immergrünen Wälder und malerischen Dörfer. Häufig wird er mit den Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm in Verbindung gebracht. Der Schwarzwald ist berühmt für seine Heilbäder und die Kuckucksuhren, die seit dem 18. Jahrhundert in der Region produziert werden. Größte Stadt der Region ist das von Weinbergen umgebene Freiburg. Hier können Besucher zahlreiche gotische Gebäude bewundern.Wir sind eine gewerbliche Schule und bieten in unterschiedlichen Schularten (Berufsschule, VAB, BEJ, BFS, BK, BG, Meisterschule und Fachschule für Technik) mit insgesamt 1253 Schülerinnen und Schüler die fachlichen Scherpunkte... Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 14 to 18
Wirtschaftsschule Seligenthal is a commercial high-school in Lower Bavaria. Landshut is a mediaeval town with about 75,000 inhabitants.Our school has about 400 students between 12 and 18 years of age. The school has a long tradition in our town, it was originally founded as a Catholic school for girls about 150 years ago. The school is on a convent ground from 1232, and nuns still live here.We focus on a Christian education. As a commercial high-school the students learn a lot about economy, IT, bookkeeping etc. Our first foreign language is English, Spanish is offered as a voluntary, extra-curricular subject. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Upper)Age of the students from: 10 to 16
We are a secondary school grade 2 with about 700 students and 40 teachers in Lage (about 200km from Cologne). Lage is the city of sugar, we have a big sugar factory and we have a few pretty districts with a beautiful countryside. Our school is next to the river "Werre", where we take water samples and analyze them in our very well equipped biology rooms every year. This is one of our interesting projects. We also have a big schoolyard with a lot of sport possibilitis. In this region in Detmold, Lemgo and Bielefeld we have castles. Here are a lot of museums. In the region of the principality Lippe our landmark is the "Hermanns Denkmal" and the "Teutoburger Wald" to visit. We're looking for a partner school to have an exchange with. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Lower)Age of the students from: 14 to 17
We are a secondary school with an enrollment of around 650 students in Lower Saxony, close to the northern German coast and the beautiful Frisian Islands. Cities close by are Bremen, Hamburg and Osnabrück. About 60 teachers work at the Oberschule Bad Zwischenahn, most of them full time. Our school was founded in 2016 as a merging of two existing schools, so we are still in the process of developing a new profile. One part of our new profile is to open up globally and have partnerships in different countries. Mehr Information
Country: GermanyType of the school: Secondary School (Both)Age of the students from: 10 to 18
In the year of 2019/2020 around 830 students at the age of 11-18 are taught at our grammar school. Our students learn English, French, Latin and Spanish. Additionally we offer students from year 7 and older to learn Swedish in an extracurricular activity and take part in an exchange to the Swedish speaking part of Finland. Apart from that we offer much more extracurricular activities in the fields of sports, music, science and languages. In our daily school life we focus on science, languages and social sciences. In addition particular emphasis in our school life is placed on core skills such as methodical and communicational competence, social skills like decision-making, responsibility for oneself and one’s health, for others and our planet and civil courage (especially against... Mehr Information
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