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You may view the number of registered schools by moving the cursor across the continents. To search for a potential partner you either click on a continent or fill in the fields "Type of School", "Country"...etc. You will be shown a list of schools according to your request. By double clicking the name of the listed schools, you will get some information about the schools that are registered in "Partnerschulnetz". If you wish to contact one of these schools you will have to register on "Partnerschulnetz.de" first. Only then will you be able to acces futher school related information as well as personal data of the potential partnerschool, enabling you to get in contact.

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Number of found schools: 4521
Country: Germany Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 14 to 18
The Quirinus Gymnasium was established in 1616 and is now a traditional secondary school for boys and girls. The school consists of around 900 students and ~80 teachers.In general we are looking for a school whose students are excited about the continent and meeting German teenagers. Being located in the Düsseldorf/Cologne area, Neuss has lots to offer (including us, a couple of young and enthusiastic teachers with great students who’d love to go abroad and host other students in return!). You might ask, ‘How does this benefit my school? `Let me explain. Firstly, Neuss is a great starting point to begin an excursion to a variety of well-known tourist destinations within the North-Rhine Westphalia state. Such destinations include the former German capital - Bonn, Cologne who has a history... Mehr Information
Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain) Type of the school: Primary School Age of the students from: 3 to 11
Pheasey Park Farm Primary School is a UK school looking to establish and maintain regular contact with a school in a German speaking country. Our children are introduced to German aged 6 and continue to learn the language until they leave us aged 11.We are extremely keen to forge links with a German speaking school, in the hope that our pupils can communicate with real German children of their own age, creating friendships and exchanging cultural information whilst further developing their language skills. We have a brand new IT suite and Smart boards in every classroom and are hoping to be able to communicate and share lessons via e-mail/video and using ICT. We would also be interested in children having their own pen pals. Communication would be in English and German. We are a friendly... Mehr Information
Country: Sweden Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 16 to 19
In Sundsvall, eine Stadt mit 100 000 Einwohner an der Küste in Nordschweden,gibt es ein Gymnasium genannt Skvaderns Gymnasieskola. Diese Freie Schule ist nur sechs Jahre alt, und es ist uns bisher leider nicht gelungen eine Partnerschule in Deutschland zu finden. In Spanien und Frankreich haben wir schon Partnerschulen.Unser Gymnasium hat 500 Schüler und bietet vier Lernprogramme an: Naturwissenschaft, Gesellschaftswissenschaft,Ästhetisches Program und Leitungsprogram. Das besondere an unserer Schule ist, dass die Schüler und Schülerinnen eigene Arbeitszimmer haben, um Gruppenarbeite und Projekte einfach durchzuführen. Ein freundliches Lernklima wollen wir erreichen durch Offenheit in der Schule, indem z.B.Entscheidungen gemeinsam getroffen werden und die Lehrer mit den Schülern... Mehr Information
Country: Norway Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 10 to 18
Wir sind eine Deutsch-Norwegische Begegnungsschule (Sekundarstufe) im Zentrum von Oslo. Von hier sind die meisten der Sehenswürdigkeiten, welche Olso zu bieten hat sogar zu Fuß zu erreichenUnsere Schule besuchen zur Zeit circa 320 Schüler aus rund 30 unterschiedlichen Nationalitäten. Schulschwerpunkte der Schule liegen daher auch in der Multikulturalität, als auch in der Multilingualität.Die Unterrichtssprache ist Deutsch, allerdings lernen die Schüler hier auch Norwegisch, Englisch und Französisch.Zusätzlich bieten wir bilingualen Unterricht in den Fächern Geschichte (Englisch) und Samfunnsfag = Norwegische Gesellschaftslehre (Norwegisch) an.Mehr über unsere Schule finden Sie auf unserer Homepage: www.deutscheschule.no Mehr Information
Country: United States of America Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 14 to 18
We are a traditional American public high school located in a large suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, in the American middle west. Our school has two German teachers and offers German years 1-4. There are three other high schools in the community, each with a German teacher/program. We would like to start a GAPP exchange with a Realschule or Gymnasium in Germany with exchanges taking place every two years. We would travel in June and could accommodate visitors in either the Fall or the Spring. Mehr Information
Country: Germany Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 10 to 19
Marie-Curie Gesamtschule is situated in the Hannover area (8 kilometers to Hannover city center). Hannover is a city in northern Germany which has good train connections to Hamburg (90 minutes) or Berlin (95 minutes). About 520.000 people live in Hannover, Hannover region has about 1 million. There is quite a number of museums in Hannover. Hannover is quite famous for its Cebit which is the largest and most internationally representative computer expo. There are about 1600 students and 120 teachers at our school. The students are between 10 and 19 years of age and have English from 3rd grade on, most of them also learn Spanish or French as a second foreign language. At our school all branches of our school system can be found. Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium are in one... Mehr Information
Country: United States of America Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 14 to 18
Greetings! Portsmouth High School is the public high school for Portsmouth, NH, USA. Portsmouth is a charming small city on the seacoast equidistant from the White Mountains and Boston. Our primary taught languages are French, Latin, and Spanish, but we have also begun offering Italian and German in an immersion format aimed at upperclassmen primarily (juniors and seniors 16-18 years old). We offer German every other year. We are looking for a school interested in establishing an exchange, probably every two years, where our students come for Aprils vacation (10 days at the end of April) and our sister school, should they wish can come either before or afterwards. From the Germany point of view, visiting our community in October would be rather lovely. We have breath taking foliage and... Mehr Information
Country: United States of America Type of the school: Secondary School (Upper) Age of the students from: 14 to 18
Friendswood is a small community just south of Houston, Texas. We have only one high school in the district with about 2100 students in grades 9-12. The school is high performing, with the majority of graduating seniors moving on to college. Many of the community parents work at the nearby NASA. We are also only about 35 minutes from the coast and Galveston, Texas. Mehr Information
Country: Germany Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 10 to 18
Das Maximilian-Kolbe-Gymnasium (MKG) ist eines von drei öffentlichen Gymnasien im StadtbereichKöln-Porz. Es liegt im Stadtrandbereich und hat eine entsprechend heterogene Schülerschaft, was densozialen und ethnischen Hintergrund betrifft. Das Maximilian-Kolbe -Gymnasium ist in derSekundarstufe I dreizügig und wird als Ganztagsgymnasium geführt. Ab dem Schuljahr 2017-18 ist dieKlassenstruktur 4-zügig, da das MKG als das Porzer Gymnasium für das Gemeinsame Lernen bestimmt wurde. Mehr Information
Country: Turkey Type of the school: Secondary School (Upper) Age of the students from: 15 to 18
Hi, I am an ICT teacher in a high school. I am working with a group of youth (aged between 16-18) who are dealing with coding and robotics. They are willing to explore new technologies, cultures, and perspectives. Therefore we are willing to develop a bilateral youth exchange project with a German school. There are some funding options for Turkish and German school. Also, we may try to use Erasmus+ funds. We have some project ideas. If you are interested, please contact me: sezgintetik@hotmail.com. Mehr Information
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