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Givat Haviva
Staat: Israel
Stadt: Givat Haviva

Givat Haviva is the Center for Shared Society in Israel.Over the last two years, we are trying to promote youth exchanges between youth from Europe and Israel(Palestinian & jewish).We want to add youth delegations exchanges to our rich menu of programs operating in the Shared Communities to advance education for a shared society.During our last delegations with Germany and Poland, we went through an intense and in-depth learning process that included a look at the complex interwoven histories, narratives, and heritages of our peoples, and how contemporary issues affect them all. Following the trip to Europe, the local delegations host return visits from the European youth delegations, continuing the learning process here in Israel. We would like to expand the opportunities for youth international meetings, which was already highly successful, in the coming year.Among the many benefits of the youth exchanges which we experienced are: 1. The delegations strengthen and promote connections between Arab and Jewish youth in the Shared Communities Partnerships.2. They provide a peak program for youth leadership in the communities.3. The delegations strengthen the regional identity of the local youth participants and their connection with each other, when they meet their peer delegations as ambassadors of the partnership. They prepare, travel, and host the delegation activities as a single, unified, regional delegation of Jewish and Arab youth.4. The delegations offer European youth a rare opportunity to learn about the multicultural society in Israel and Givat Haviva’s activity creating partnerships between Arabs and Jews. At the same time, they give local youth a rare opportunity to examine issues relating to Israeli society from a different perspective.5. Bringing arab and jewish youth from our communities who are active in the community and in volunteering. The delegation provides these leaders of the future with the opportunity to connect with each other and with similarly active youth in Europe for a joint learning process about shared dilemmas facing our societies.We are looking for more interested European partners (also high schools) to realize more exchanges, as well, we would like to assist to international seminars were we could share our experience and find suitable partners for future exchanges.More information of our institute and work: http://www.givathaviva.org/

Schultyp: Andere
Alter der Schüler von: 15 bis: 19
Schwerpunkte für Projekte:  Geschichte, Politik, Sozialwissenschaft, Kunst, peace activism, human rights
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