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Number of found schools: 177
Country: India Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 14 to 16
Dear Sir/ MadamI am from Bal Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad, An Institution of The Child Education Society( Regd), New Delhi .Bal Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad was started by the Child Education Society in May 1984. Today it is considered as one of the leading institutions in the area. It is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Current roll strength of students is 2905. Twenty Two batches of class XII (Science & Commerce) have so far passed out of this school. Our school is also accredited by British Council and is actively participating in various international activities and exchange programmes with countries like Spain, United Kingdom & United States of America. I am looking for a School from Germany for School Exchange Programme... Mehr Information
Country: Japan Type of the school: Secondary School (Upper) Age of the students from: 15 to 18
Komatsu is a highly academic school, which benefits from a long tradition and the superb educational environment. The school, located in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture on the Sea of Japan, has a total of approximately 950 students. Every year most students go on to competitive colleges in every part of Japan. The school has a science and mathematics course where students learn a great variety of sciences. In 2006 the school was designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Komatsu S.H.S. has shared an exciting exchange program with a prestigious science high school in South Korea for four years. When our students visit the school in South Korea, they are to show their own scientific research and exchange... Mehr Information
Country: Israel Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 16 to 19
We have 530 pupils at the age 16-19. We have many paths of studies such as electronics, humanistic. there are 53 teachers, and it was established in 1973.It is locayed at the beginning of the village on the main road, and we have a very good atmosphere which supports overseas activities such as exchange programwe would like to make pupils exchange program with schools from Germany, because it is important for me to make pupils know that Germany of today is totally different than Old Germany Mehr Information
Country: Israel Type of the school: Other Age of the students from: 5 to 18
Masar School was born in 1996 in Nazareth as the first alternative experimental Palestinian school in Israel joins the global trend of alternative schools. This journey began with a group of Palestinian community activists, some of them parents to young children who were dissatisfied with the available options in the existing educational system. They set out to create an alternative educational setting for their children. The group identified the dominant educational paradigm as a mechanism that perpetuated social exclusion and they embarked on a two-year study of alternative education. This culminated with a discussion paper that was submitted to the Municipality of Nazareth as a proposal for an innovative educational initiative. On September 1st 1998, with the support of the... Mehr Information
Country: Israel Type of the school: Secondary School (Upper) Age of the students from: 15 to 18
Our school is located in Givatayim, a city in the central, urban part of Israel, neighboring Tel Aviv. It is a four year high school, for students aged 15-18. Our students are motivated and aware of the importance of education for their future. Many of them aspire to continue their education on an academic level. They are involved in their community and Israeli society. This year approximately 600 students attend the school. There are 19 classes from the 9th to the 12th grades. As in all public high schools in Israel, our students study mandatory subjects, such as History, Hebrew, literature, English, mathematics, bible, physical education social studies general science (physics, biology and chemistry).In addition, most students major in two subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, computer... Mehr Information
Country: Israel Type of the school: Other Age of the students from: 14 to 19
Die Schule befindet sich in der arabischen Stadt Sakhnin (35000 Einw.) im schönen hügeligen Galilaea/Nordisrael,naehe Nazareth,Akko,See Genezareth.Sie wird von moslemischen und christlichen Israelis besucht.Es befinden sich viele tourisitsche Atraktionen in der Gegend. Mehr Information
Country: Israel Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 16 to 18
Ben Yehuda High School is located in Ness-Ziona, near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel. It has 500 students with the professions of Social Sciences, Sports, Theatre, Science and Physics. As part of our school's curriculum, we would like to organize student exchange program between Israeli and German pupils. The partnership would include mutual visits, so the students would get to know each other, talking together, and learning one each other's culture. The main goals of our program are:1. Develop common understanding of young people facing global challenges today.2. Exchange of views regarding the lessons of the Holocaust among Israelis and Germans,3. Promote young leadership, democracy and human rights.4. Understanding the history of the two countries and its implications.5. Learning about... Mehr Information
Country: Mongolia Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 6 to 18
Wir sind eine private Gesamtschule mit etwa 250 Schülern und ca. 24 Lehrkräften. Die Goethe-Schule wurde im Jahr 2002 gegründet und befindet sich in der Hauptstadt der Mongolei, in Ulaanbaatar. Der Schwerpunkt unserer Schule liegt darin, unseren Schülern qualitativ hochwertigen DAF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache)- Unterricht anzubieten. Zur Stärkung der Schülerinteressen an der deutschen Sprache und Kultur suchen wir nach einer Partnerschule in Deutschland. Mehr Information
Country: Thailand Type of the school: Secondary School (Both) Age of the students from: 12 to 19
Die Satree Phuket Schule ist ein staatliches Gymnasium im Herzen Phuket. Gegründet wurde unsere Schule bereits 1909 und befindet sich seit 1949 an ihrem jetzigen Standort. Sie ist eine der meisten geschätzten Schulen im Land und die Schüler (Anzahl 3.400) kommen aus allen Regionen Thailands. Die Schüler lernen mit großer Begeisterung zahlreiche Fremdsprachen, unser Angebot reicht von Chinesisch, Japanisch, Burmesisch, Russisch und Koreanisch bis zu Französisch und Deutsch. Wir suchen eine Partnerschule in Deutschland, um einen (langfristigen) Schüleraustausch für unsere bilingualen Schüler zu etablieren, die nach der ersten Fremdsprachen Englisch, in der Oberstufe Deutsch als zweite Fremdsprache lernen. Unsere Schüler haben großes Interesse an westlichen Sprachen, Traditionen und... Mehr Information
Country: Turkmenistan Type of the school: Secondary School (Lower) Age of the students from: 11 to 16
Our school is in the center of Antalya. We have 300 students and age 11-15.our school arts, sports, social activities are in the fields of regional success.We want you, our students interests, desires and capabilities in line with the fine arts and sports training to gain the basic knowledge and skills for success in the field of education to see and grow up as individuals.Antalya is in the southern Turkey and it is popular with tourists. First of all , visitors to Antalya can find many things. Sea, sun, history and magic of nature in harmony with the integrated Antalya.Our organization has artistic, sporting success.Purpose of human ideals there is an idea, belief, ideals, principles and values ​​are. These ideals, humanity, universe, is about integrating. It is not only about himself,... Mehr Information
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